Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fixing Rachael

I have my huge mug of 25 calorie coffee and I'm getting ready to get into the shower.
I'm going to do some cleaning today to make sure I keep busy.
Dad got me some fantastic face washes so I'm going to wash my face five times today.
I need to get rid of my arm fat.
The more I look at my arms the more disgusted I am.
I'm tired of being such a fat ass.
I'm going to exercise and look at clothes I want to wear and work my ass off to be thinner.
I'm going to take a multivitamin, wash my face everyday, drink my coffee, then I'm going to carve up my wrists because I'm tired of being this.
Dad is mad at me and grumbling and cursing in the other room.
Yeah Dad I don't like me either.
Don't worry I'll fix this.
It's sad though because he acts like he didn't want me to live.
Maybe his life would just be easier if I did die.
Maybe everyone would be better off.
Gotta take my pill.
Haven't taken it in three days.
<3 Stay strong